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Delete Macro


The deleteMacro web service deletes a macro template from QTRACS/Portal.

A macro template is a preformatted dynamic message with controlled content in QTRACS/Portal.
For more information about the use of macro templates in Text and Macro Messaging see the Text and Macro Messaging Concepts page.

Customers can optionally use the Portal Event Subscription Service (ESS) to subscribe to Macro Template Definition Acknowledgement notification events and automatically receive acknowledgement transactions in their integration when any macro template modifications have been confirmed (or rejected) by the Omnitracs Network Operations Center. 

void deleteMacro(String direction, int number) throws WSException

  • direction: A String that specifies the direction of the macro to delete.
                     Valid values are: "F" - forward macro
                                              "R" - return macro
  • number: An integer value that specifies the number of the macro to delete.
                   Valid values are: 1-63


Authorization Requirements


The credentials supplied with this method call (as specified in the accompanying must be authorized to the following application(s) and their associated role-based permissions.

Required Application Licenses
- Remote Integration

Required User Permissions
- Can use QTRACS
- Can set up macros

Customer integrators are authorized to their own company's data only.




001 Unknown error.
002 Null value in one of the SQL null indicator fields.
003 Authenticated company not specified.
004 Authenticated user not specified.
005 User is not authorized.
006 Invalid macro direction specified.
007 Invalid macro number specified.
008 Specified macro does not exist.
009 Specified macro has already been deleted.
010 Cannot delete a macro referenced in a QMASS profile.
011 Cannot delete a return macro that is associated with a forward macro.
012 Macro cannot be modified once text messages are used for OT1.


Sample deleteMacro Request


Only the SOAP body is shown. To see a sample SOAP Envelope and Header, see the Web Service Security page.








Sample deleteMacro Response


An empty response conveys success. If there was an error, an exception would have been thrown.


   <deleteMacro />


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