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Create and Manage Operational Profiles

Once you have all your units in your account, you need to create operational profiles to assign the units to. Operational profiles allow you to enable applications and services on your Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) and Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) hardware units. All units are initially assigned to the default operational profile for their unit type when first added to your account. Operational profiles also determine how you are billed. Once you add mobile units to an op profile, you will begin being billed for the applications enabled. Every account has an Initial Op Profile (Default) for each type of device in your organization. Any units that are shipped or transferred to your company go in to this operational profile. To ensure that you’re not paying for applications on mobile units that aren’t installed or avoid enabling applications on mobile units before your drivers are trained, use the initial operational profile as a storage area without any additional applications.

Create a New Operational Profile

  1. From the Customer Portal home page, click Op Profiles.
  2. Under Create New Profiles, click Continue.
  3. You can create a new operational profile or duplicate an existing profile if you already created a new profile.
    1. To create a new operational profile, select the hardware type (platform) you want to create a profile for then type a name for the profile. You can also add a description if desired.
    2. To duplicate an existing operational profile, click the radio button next to Duplicate Existing Profile the select the profile you want to duplicate from the drop-down list and type a name for the new profile. You can also add a description if desired.
  4. Click Next.
  5. First select the service plan for the operational profile. The service plan is a bundled group of applications based on the type of service plan. You can switch between the different plans to see which applications are included in the bundle.
  6. Scroll down on the page and select any additional applications you would also like enabled for the operational profile. Click the ? button next to each application for a description of the application.

Note: If an application is grayed out, you haven’t purchased it and therefore cannot enable it on your mobile units. Contact your Customer Experience Representative for help purchasing applications.

  1. When you are done choosing which applications you want enabled in the operational profile, click Continue.
  2. On the next screen, verify the settings and applications for the operational profile.
    1. Review the profile name, platform, and description. If you need to make changes, click modify.

      Note: After you make changes and click next the service plan you previously selected may change. Just select the service plan from the list again and all the applications you had previously selected will still be selected.

    2. Review the notes for each application in the Message column and ensure you have selected all the prerequisite applications and you have no conflicting applications. If you need to remove an application, click the - button for the application in the Remove Application? column. If you need to add an application, click Back and select the application.
    3. Review the monthly and incremental costs for the application. Each unit added to the operational profile will accrue the listed charges.
  3. Once you are satisfied with the applications selected, click Create Profile.

Assign Units to an Operational Profile

After you create your new operational profiles you need to assign units to the profile.

  1. From the Customer Portal home page, click Op Profiles.
  2. Under Move Units, click Continue.
  3. In the box on the left, select the profile you want to move units from. When units are first added to your account the are added to the Initial Op Profile (Default) for the associated device type.
  4. In the box on the right, select the operational profile you want to move the units to.
  5. Select the UA (serial number) for the device you want to move. Hold down ctrl while selecting to select multiple devices at once.
  6. Click the > button to move the units or click the >> button to move all the units shown on the screen.
  7. Click Next to confirm.
  8. Review the list of applications that will be enabled for the unit when it is moved.
  9. Click Confirm Move.


Operational Profiles video tutorial

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