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What Happened to User Management?

When the CER application became SSO-compliant, CER user maintenance moved to the Administration application. In Administration, users are created and their preferences are maintained. They are assigned a role that provides authority to use and maintain the CER application.

In previous releases, the CER Users tab was used to set up notifications. You selected an existing user and associated vehicle groups and filters with the user's email address to receive notifications.

Now, instead of a Users tab under Settings, you see a Notifications tab. You set up notifications by entering an email address and the user's time zone. Optionally you can select a filter and a group to send notifications.

CER does not verify whether the email address you enter is associated with a valid login ID. If you enter the email of a user who does not have credentials to log in to CER, the user will receive the email but will not be able to view the incident.

If you use global groups to restrict some users to see data only for authorized vehicles, you must ensure that the users are members of the global groups assigned to the notifications you set up. If a restricted user receives a notification for a vehicle they are not authorized to view, when they click the link in the email to view the incident they see a message referring them to ask the company system administrator for authorization.


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