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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Use the Map

The map shows the location of the truck when the incident occurred icon_shaky-truck.pngand the location of the truck when the Critical Event Report was sent icon_envelope.png.

  1. To view the map for an incident, click the Map tab on the incident details panel.
  1. To see the locations (lat/long or proximity to a landmark, depending on your company's settings), hover the mouse over an icon.

    The satellite and hybrid images are not real-time images. They do not show the vehicle at the time of the incident.

    On occasion, the location data may show a highway and include the direction of travel. For example, the location may show as I8E, meaning the lane heading east on interstate 8. Because GPS is not always accurate enough to detect in which lane the vehicle is traveling, the direction of travel may be incorrect. For example, the location might indicate the vehicle is in the lane heading east when in fact it is in the lane heading west.

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