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Settings - Notifications

You may specify who receives email notifications when critical events are reported.

To change a notification, click to select it, then click Edit at the bottom of the page. Click Save to save your changes.

To add a notification, click Add at the bottom of the page. If an incident is selected, click Cancel to deselect the row and the Add button reappears.

Email address
The email address to which you want a notification sent. This address is not validated against the list of users who have valid login credentials for CER. If you enter an email address for a user without login credentials, the user receives email notification with a link, but cannot log in to CER to view the incident details.
The filter that applies to this notification.
The global group monitored for this notification.
Email Time Zone
The time zone for the email address. This ensures that the time stamps on incidents are consistent with the recipient's time zone.
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