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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Review an Incident

Review an incident to see information such as speed, time, vehicle location, and parking brake status. The vehicles whose incidents appear are in your selected, authorized global groups. To change your global group filters, click the linked text at the top right, just below your name.

  1. Click Incidents, then follow the instructions for the Incident Search panel.
  2. In the list on the right, click the row for the incident to review.

    The Incident Details panel opens. To search again, click the Search bar on the left.

  3. To export the incident details, click icon_pdf.gif at the top of the page. To export the raw speed data, click icon_csv.png.
  4. To mark an incident as reviewed, select Reviewed from the State drop-down list in the Incident Details panel. If desired, type a note about research performed or actions taken.
  5. If you changed the state or added a note, click Save.
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