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Driver Training Videos



IVG Installation

The installation video for the IVG is a comprehensive walkthrough of the steps, tools needed, and best practices for installing the IVG in a truck.



IVG Hardware Overview

This video provides an overview of the IVG, its features, and how it's used by the driver.



How to Log In to the IVG

This video provides an overview of how drivers and co-drivers log into or out of the IVG.



Messaging on the IVG

Messaging is a powerful tool available to our IVG users. This video guides you through how to send and receive messages on the IVG.



IVG Settings

The driver may need to provide IVG parameters settings for troubleshooting or to calibrate the touchscreen. This video walks your through those settings.


IVG System Information

The driver may need to provide IVG system information to technicians for troubleshooting. This video gives an overview of those settings.


Create a USB Stick for Unit Upgrades

A demonstration of how to download an upgrade package from the Customer Portal and create a USB stick to upgrade your units.



Vídeos en español


IVG Instalación

Duration: 9m 53s

Procedimientos de instalación y verificación del sistema para el IVG.


IVG Visión de Conjunto

Duration: 3m 09s

Una descripción general de cómo usar el IVG.


Iniciar Sesión y Cerrar Sesión

Duration: 1m 37s

Una demostración de cómo iniciar y cerrar sesión en IVG.



Duration: 2m 48s

Una demostración de cómo enviar mensajes con el IVG.


IVG Configuración

Duration: 2m 10s

Una demostración de cómo configurar el IVG.


IVG Sistema

Duration: 1m 15s

Una visión general de la configuración del sistema de IVG.


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