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Hardware Requirements, Software Dependencies  

This document covers a firmware release that supports MCN CA90-J9937-10 and higher and is composed of the following software:

  • PAPI 200.12.50
  • VIOP 200.18.01
  • OTNAV 4.4.34 
  • DriveWyze 2.0.1A 
  • ALK CoPilot
  • NaviGo

Upgrade Procedures  

Most upgrades are done over-the-air. Both the firmware and the operating system are available for download on the Omnitracs Customer Portal (on the Support page, click Firmware/OS); refer to the following guides for upgrade procedures:


  • MCP110: Windows XPE operating system builds OS129 and OS130
  • MCP200: Windows XPE operating system builds OS29 and OS30

HOS New Features and Enhancements 

Updates to Sleeper Berth 

OHOS 3380

When a co-driver is Off-duty in a Passenger Seat of a moving comercial vehicle (49 CFR 395.2) to complete a Split Sleeper Berth pairing, the ELD will no longer change automatically the driver’s duty status to On-duty not driving. The co-driver will receive a warning message at 30, 15, and 1 minute before the third hour of off-duty time if the vehicle is moving; however, there will be no automatic duty status change. 

OHOS  4112

Multiple reports indicated that drivers were continuously alerted to the potential for HOS rules violation. In order to fix this, pessimistic alerts are now removed so drivers will only see the true optimistic driving alerts at 60, 30, and 15 minutes before and at the time of violation. Once a driver has selected the Will Pair SB option, the following screen will be displayed. Drivers must acknowledge the requirement by selecting OK. If the driver turns off the Will Pair SB option, no message box will be displayed.


The same changes apply for Canadian split sleeper alerts.

OHOS 3110, 3111

Sider CDEF 498 was created to provide a list of effective dates for changes across host and mobile devices. The first use of this will be for SB pairing changes to resolve bugs found in OHOS-3513 and OHOS-3581.

OHOS 3599

There were reports about an extra Off Dutty time period of 00h 00m 00 s created by an inactive driver in a moving vehicle while unit was on End Of Trip, as seen in the image below. This issue has now been resolved.


OHOS 248

An Unidentified Vehicle Activity period is created every time there is a vehicle moving up to 5 miles per hour and there is no driver logged in. When the driver logs in again a notification about the activity appears, asking the driver to confirm this UVA; however, when a driver has and UVA period that overlaps with driving time, an alert will pop up confirming that UVA can´t be offered due to pre-existing driving time as seen in the image below; the UVA period will be automatically rejected.




Work Item Number Issue
OMCPCX-24270 Inaccurate reports of traveled distance on trucks have been corrected.
OMCPCX-24281 Update of Wifi configuration for Canadian MCP200 devices.
OMCPCX-24283 Improvements have been made to prevent the MCP200 constant reboot after upgrade.


Additional Enhancements 

  • In order to improve customer experience in the host and mobile, townships and cities with a population of less than 5,000 people have been removed from the city database.
  • For Canadian customers, the city list is supplied by CCMT.


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