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MCP200 AA1841R Release Notes


New features and enhancements describe changes included in the Omnitracs MCP200 AA1841R release.


New Features and Enhancements

Persist Wi-Fi settings during the NVRAM process

The unit can keep the WIFI information and connect to the SR4.


New Wi-Fi connection information available on the screen

In order to validate system setup and see connection information, additional information is now available to the user.

Display MCP device information

  • Computer Name of the MCP
  • MAC address of the MCP

Display Wi-Fi hotspot information


  • Wi-Fi Active
  • Wi-Fi IP address that was assigned by the hotspot
  • Wi-Fi connection signal strength
  • SSID of the Wi-Fi hotspot that the MCP is connected to


Configure the MCP using a USB stick

We have created a new windows based application that takes user input SSID & Password that Omnitracs will manage. It will generate a Wi-Fi Configuration Package.

Note: This can be used to connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot, not just SR4.  It will also overwrite any Wi-Fi settings on the MCP200.

The Wi-Fi configuration package can be electronically sent to the customer (sFTP preferred) and copied to any blank USB stick.

MCP200 Wi-Fi Configuration

  • MCP200 should be powered on to install Wi-Fi through a USB stick
  • Put USB stick into any available USB slot
  • Once USB is recognized the Wi-Fi configuration will be copied to MCP200
  • Splash screen will be displayed for 3 seconds
  • Wi-Fi configuration is completed
  • The device will reboot and assume a SR4 is nearby that is properly configured.
  • The MCP200 will connect to the hotspot.
  • The Omnitracs host Wi-Fi settings will be automatically downloaded and applied

IMPORTANT: It is critical that the SR4 hotspot information be added to the host PRIOR to any stick configurations. If the SR4 hotspot information is NOT on the host then the USB stick information will be overwritten and the MCP200 will lose connection to the hotspot.



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