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MCP110/200 Version AA1822R Release Notes

Hardware Requirements, Software Dependencies

This document covers a firmware release that supports MCN CA90-J9937-10 and higher and is composed of the following software:

  • PAPI 200.12.50
  • VIOP: 200.16.02

Upgrade Procedures

Most upgrades are done over-the-air. Both the firmware and the operating system are available for download on the Omnitracs Customer Portal (on the Support page, click Firmware/OS); refer to the following guides for upgrade procedures:


  • MCP110: Windows XPE operating system builds OS129 and OS130
  • MCP200: Windows XPE operating system builds OS29 and OS30

Features and Enhancements

Users should use MCP110/200 AA1822R unless they are communicating through a 500K J1939 bus. Those using the 500K data bus should continue to use version AA1819R.


  • When the SDM GPS is used, the 1024 week correction is no longer applied to the GPS date and time. This fix also corrects the GPS forward date for units that use SDM satellite mode.
  • Improvements have been made in the compilation of eRODS files.


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