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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

MCP110/MCP200 AA1810R Release Notes

Hardware Requirements, Software Dependencies

This document covers a firmware release that supports MCN CA90-J9937-10 and higher and is composed of the following software:

  • PAPI 200.12.50
  • VIOP 200.16.02

Upgrade Procedures

Most upgrades are done over-the-air. Both the firmware and the operating system are available for download on the Omnitracs Customer Portal (on the Support page, click Firmware/OS); refer to the following guides for upgrade procedures.


  • MCP110: Windows XPE operating system builds OS129 and OS130
  • MCP200: Windows XPE operating system builds OS29 and OS30

Features and Enhancements

This firmware includes:

  • ALK CoPilot 10.72.225
  • Navigo
  • DriveWyze 2.01



The pop up keyboard now had an underscore character _

Critical Event

  • Spurious hard brake events are being filtered and do not trigger Critical Events.
  • When Critical Event Reporting is enabled, the MCP now detects and reacts to new Merritor Wabco On Guard hardware.
  • Bendix Lane Departure Warning is supported.

Critical Event Video

  • When the MCP adjusts its time to match GPS time or network time protocol, the camera's time also synchronizes its internal clock to that time.
  • Black Vue camera models DR650 and DR750 are supported.

Hours of Service

  • Only one driver is identified as the active driver while team driving. Previously, when the second driver logged in as the active driver before the 5 minute end-of-trip timer had ended for the first driver, the first driver was kept in a driving duty status when the second driver began driving.
  • Odometer values are now recorded correctly even if recorded while logs are being downloaded.
  • All days needing certification are displayed for review, even those that are out of cycle.
  • Previously certified logs may now be edited by the driver.
  • If a driver is still in personal conveyance after the MCP power cycles, the driver is audibly prompted to verify that this is the correct duty status.
  • When drivers stop for five minutes, they are prompted to stay in driving or switch to on duty. If a driver elects to stay in drive, the end of trip timer restarts.
  • If a driver attempts to enter a Clock In time that will overwrite an existing Driving, Personal Conveyance, or Yard Move record, the driver is prompted to select a different clock in time.
  • Assigning drive time to an ELD driver with rest break exemption enabled no longer causes a violation.
  • The vehicle's current GPS location is recorded when a driver or co-driver splits a duty status during an end of trip event or during a midnight split.
  • Drivers cannot edit their current duty status from the Certify tab. If drivers need to switch duty statuses, they do so from the Hours of Service landing screen.
  • Driver remarks are now accurately associated with the correct duty statuses.
  • Driver log messages are now processed and being displayed in the correct order.
  • Driver logs no longer display redundant CMV entries. A new CMV is entered only if the driver drives another CMV.
  • The active driver is not switched, nor is the driver prompted to switch drivers, if the MCP spontaneously reboots.
  • If an MCP accumulates unassigned drive time and the next driver to log in to the MCP cannot accept the drive time due to being in Drive, Personal Conveyance, or Yard Move duty status during that time, the MCP prompts the driver to acknowledge that there is drive time on this unit, but they are not able to accept it.
  • The MCP now filters spurious speed spikes. They are neither recorded in the driver log as drive time, nor are they reported as a Critical Event.
  • Data diagnostic events are correctly returned and displayed on Data Diagnostic and Malfunction reports.
  • If a sensor failure is generated while a driver log in/log out event is processing, that failure is stored until the log in/log out is processed; then it is processed.
  • All powerup/shutdown events that were sent in the driver's forward logs are included in the eRODS file.
  • The Back button is disabled/not displayed if In Motion UI is enabled and the vehicle is in motion.
  • When a driver enters a clock in/clock out time/date, per the ELD Mandate, the driver is required to enter a comment.
  • Drivers are not put on duty when a spurious speed spike is detected.

In-Cab Printing

The MCP now supports Brother printer Standard RJ4030.


Navigo no longer freezes on the “Please wait” prompt.

Vehicle Inspection Report

  • VIR now sends inspection reports even when the inspector/driver name exceeds 20 characters.
  • VIR has been completely reworked with updates to both the interface and procedures, and Canada compliance was added. For more information on the changes, direct drivers to view the onboard driver training support and view this video: Create/Manage Inspection Reports.

Web Browser

The web browser does not display a blue screen if the transport type changes during a browsing session.


To reduce driver distraction and improve safety, Workflow is inaccessible while the vehicle is in motion.