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MCP110/MCP200 Version AA1620R External Release Notes


This document describes the enhancement to MCP110 and MCP200 software version AA1620R for the mobile application server (MAS).

Hardware Requirements

The software version AA1620R release supports MCN CA90-J9937-10 and higher.

Software Dependencies

The software version AA1620R is composed of the following software:

  • PAPI:  PAPI.200.12.50
  • VIOP:  VIOP.200.15.00
  • NaviGo™ (Telogis®):  V5.1.49
  • CoPilot® Truck™ (ALK):  9.64.780
  • Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass provided by Drivewyze™ PreClear: 2.0.0A
  • Omnitracs Navigation: 4.4.23

Upgrade Procedures

Most upgrades are done over-the-air. If a memory stick upgrade is required, see the Firmware section of the Customer Portal (or iQSC for Service Centers) for download and documentation.

You must use Unified OS installer to install BIOS 25 on the units.


Compatibility with Windows XPE Operating System builds un0127, un0129, and un0130.

Features and Enhancements

Omnitracs Navigation

  • Omnitracs Navigation is now available for purchase and use.
  • Drivers now have access to the Map Editor, letting you make changes to the street and roads used by Omnitracs Navigation so that map data is more accurate.
  • For more information on the Omnitracs Navigation new features, please reference the Omnitracs Navigation latest release notes.


Critical Event Reporting (CER) / Critical Event Video (CEV)

  • Detroit Assurance is now supported with CER.
  • Videos are now purged from the MCP if they are 14 days old or older.
  • In some instances, the WiFi icon on the MCP disappeared after connecting the CER video camera, making drivers think that WiFi was not available. This has been fixed.
  • When the CER application is disabled, the Camera Configuration UI will now also become disabled.
  • CER excessive overspeed events were being reported when no overspeed had occurred, and this required the ignition to be turned off to stop the event. The false events being triggered has been fixed.
  • Overlapping events on the MCP previously fought over the same video, resulting in an error. This has been fixed.
  • HOS duty status now triggers the camera and microphone status.
  • Critical Event Video was not disconnecting once the camera was powered off. This has been fixed.
  • When the camera application is disabled, the last connected camera’s SSID and password are saved so that it can automatically reconnect to the camera if the application is re-enabled.
  • A previous issue where when sending Mobileye device data the mobile devices triggered a FCW event when the Fwd_Collision_Warning bit was staying at 0 has been fixed.

Hours of Service (HOS)

  • Previously, if a driver starts taking a Rest Break Exemption while the current duty is ON-RB, HOS would remove the RB flag from the original duty. Now, the RB flag is kept on the original duty, but is removed from newly-added duties.
  • A load created by a team would previously not be assigned to both drivers if the driver creating the load was the most recent to log in. This has been fixed.
  • A filter was implemented to filter out erroneous speed data (158mps or higher), reducing false driving events for HOS and reducing false excessive overspeed CER events.


  • Using the backspace on a short date field would previously send in blanks, causing a crash to customer units. This has been fixed

Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass provided by Drivewyze™ PreClear

  • Drivewyze notification will now dismiss when the ignition is turned off, no longer causing a possible lockout.


  • Roaming optimizations when in Mexico are now handled similarly to the Canadian roaming optimizations. The vehicle will now recognize when it is in Mexico and determine whether web browsing is permitted based on the geographic plan assigned.
  • If GPS location is unavailable, the last known GPS location will be used as the location placeholder. If there is no last known GPS location (with a new installation), the location will be defaulted to be in the US.

Trailer Tire Inflation Alerts (TTIA)

Alert Label




Leaky Tire


Check Trailer/System


  • The mobile default values for alert configuration have been changed to the following:

Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)

  • The Alert button was previously displaying an incorrect view during a Driver Response state. This has been fixed.

Known Issues

MCP Hardware

  • In some instances, the MCP will not boot up and stay up when the language is changed to French. A temporary workaround has been made to ensure this does not happen in the future.


  • If GPS location is unavailable, the last known GPS location will be used as the location placeholder. If there is no last known GPS location (with a new installation), the location will be defaulted to be in the US.


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