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MCP110/MCP200 Version AA1415R External Release Notes


This document describes the enhancement to MCP200 and MCP110 software version AA1415R for the mobile application server (MAS).

Hardware Requirements

The software version AA1415R release supports MCN CA90-J9937-10 and higher.

Software Dependencies

The software version AA1415R is composed of the following software:

  • PAPI:  PAPI.200.12.50
  • VIOP:  VIOP.200.12.51
  • NaviGo™ (Telogis®):  V5.1.49
  • CoPilot® Truck™ (ALK):  9.20.2216
  • Drivewyze™: 1.3.2.A

Upgrade Procedures

Most upgrades are done over-the-air. If a memory stick upgrade is required, see the Firmware section of the Customer Portal (or iQSC for Service Centers) for download and documentation.

You must use Unified OS installer to install BIOS 25 on the units.


Compatibility with Windows XPE Operating System builds un0127, un0129, and un0130.

Features and Enhancements

Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass Solution delivered by Drivewyze™ PreClear

Weigh Station Bypass allows the driver to bypass weigh station and mobile inspection sites. Drivers will receive audio and vidual alerts when they are 2 miles and 1 mile away from a weigh station or inspection site.

Trailer ABS Connect

Trailer ABS Connect provides critical trailer and tractor connect and disconnect event information including trailer odometer readings from supported trailer ABS systems. J1939 is now supported with Meritor Wabco brake systems.

Enhanced Fault Monitoring (EFM)

Additional enhancements to resolve issues around VIN. This is an add-on service for the Fault Monitoring application that provides alerts for every fault code posted to the vehicle’s data bus.


ALK/CoPilot® Truck™

These issues have been fixed.

  • Some customers were having issues using the virtual keyboard and navigation after updating their units to AA1411R. Issues included:
    • When entering load information or editing HOS logs, the unit was sending them to CoPilot® navigation
    • In CoPilot® they were not able to enter the city and state; they could only enter the zipcode.


  • The Drivewyze™ application was spawning multiple instances of the application during suspend or resume cycles resulting in loss of communication with the Drivewyze™ Fleet Management Portal. Drivers may have missed a bypass due to the Bypass process being extended unnecessarily. This has been fixed.

Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)

  • In some scenarios if there were active Vehicle Maintenance faults during an ignition cycle, TPM would not report tired pressure and status. This has been fixed.

Known Issues

Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)

  • If tire state goes from good to bad during ignition OFF, in some cases the OTA message to TPM portal will not be sent. Customer impact: Driver indication is correct, the host indication would not reflect the current red status of the tire.  This is a temporary lag.
  • The Orange Alert audio and text notification (for TPM) is not repeated by Alert manager every 15 minutes as it should. Customer impact: driver will only hear Orange Alert and see the text pop-up once for the orange condition.

Critical Event Reporting (CER)

  • False events may be generated in the Overspeed and Excessive Overspeed applications when the overspeed threshold has not been reached. Customer impact: Inaccurate speed readings in this application make disciplining drivers almost impossible for overspeed violations.

Hours of Service (HOS)

  • Daylight Savings Time (DST) is applied in Weekly and Day Off Remaining calculations with a time zone change (Pacific to Eastern) and should be adjusted for DST but is not. This causes an error in the Day Off calculation. Customer impact: Drivers need to calculate their weekly day off.

Navigation – NaviGo™ (Telogis®)

  • When in route, the Map View Next window does not refresh fully when transitioning from an ‘Out of Route’ or ‘Reached Destination’ display to an ‘In Route’ display. The previous graphics or a green bar may display at the top of the window. Customer impact: Driver will see correct window after next turn is reached.

Navigation – ALK/CoPilot® Truck™

If any of these scenarios occur, the customer needs to call the Omnitracs support hotline to request a mobile reset.

  • The CoPilot® Truck™ Directions view displays the next turn direction in the infobar at the bottom of its display. If there is no next turn, an icon of an arrow in a box is displayed. The arrow icon is always displaying on top the text of the next turn. Customer impact: The next turn text is difficult to read.
  • Regarding the Map Installer, QInstaller may need to be un-installed for some upgrade conditions as the new ALK USB installer now uses a unique product code for each new ALK map version. The following scenarios indicate the QInstaller may need to be removed using the Control Panel:
    • The map data is corrupted and need to be overwritten with the same version.
    • The map update had been interrupted by removing the USB stick before the update was completed and then re-inserted with the same version.
    • The map installer USB was inserted while ALK was running.
  • CoPilot® Truck™ app is not returning the map version to the Fleet portal. Customer impact: Map data may be out of date.

Driver Workflow

  • Old trip plans may show up on the Active tab on Workflow instead of the correct routes.
  • The Workflow hard key on device launches VIR when in Navigation, MCP Training or Web Browser. Pressing the same key again launches Workflow. Customer impact: Customer may need to press the Workflow hard key more than once to launch Workflow.
  • A Workflow blue screen with some tabs missing at the top such as Active, Preplan, History and more was reported. Customer impact: This has been resolved.
  • Regarding a Workflow template for tracking Canadian VIRs, but the sort feature doesn’t work if the driver has the unit set to French. Customer impact: The VIRs are displayed in a seemingly random order, so it is difficult for the driver to find the record he is looking for.

Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)

  • The VIR button in the QHOS app remains visible and functional when VIR is disabled. Customer impact: No functional impact.

Critical Event Reporting (CER)

  • CER-FCW support is needed for 2015 model year FL trucks which have a Collision Mitigation system with Adaptive Cruise functionality that does not work with Omnitrac’s current CER implementation. Detroit Assurance is not supported in this release.

Vehicle Data Services (VDS)

  • Support is requesting the ability to identify an electronic issue between our VDS readings and a truck’s ECM for all platforms on our default logging. There needs to be either a message that there was a connection loss or that Omnitrac’s ability to gather sustainable data concerning odometer jumps. Customer impact: Customer may experience a delay in support’s resolution stating the reason for their odometer jumps.