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Omnitracs MCP50 CA1399R Release Notes


We are pleased to announce that, beginning October 12, 2021 we will be upgrading all MCP50 units in the US and Canada to CA1399R firmware.  This release contains corrections to ELD functionality that are necessary to comply with the U.S. ELD mandate.

On Friday, October 22, 2021, Omnitracs will be submitting an update to the ELD certification documentation provided on the FMCSA ELD Website to indicate that CA1399R is the minimum ELD-compliant version of the MCP50.  Please ensure that all MCP50 units have been upgraded by that date.

New Features and Enhancements

The new features and enhancements section describes the changes included in the MCP50 CA1399R release

Missing Location Prompt

Improvements made to the Missing Data Diagnostics for location include:

  • Validation that the mobile is displaying the required "X" and or "M" in the Latitude and Longitude fields when required in accordance with the ELD regulations
  • Updated the missing data diagnostic to not record a diagnostic when the driver enters the missing location data at the time of the prompt. 


Remove Defaults and Update missing required data element

Removed all default entries used by the system when unable to retrieve valid data from the ECM:

  • VIN number of all 1's 
  • Total Elapsed Engine hours 99.9


Update special driving condition event messages to include accumulated distance

Updated mobile messaging to ensure all required data for special driving start and clear events is captured and sent to the host.


Updated the US ERODS CSV to include the accumulated distance

After clarification was received from the FMCSA, the US ERODS has been updated to contain the accumulated distance in clearing personal conveyance and yard move events.


Include elapsed engine hours in the personal conveyance clear events for US ERODS

After FMCSA clarification, the system has been updated so that Special Driving Clear events for PC now include elapsed engine hours on ERODS and the mobile display.


Update ERODS file name if the driver has a space in their last name

In rare cases where a driver has two surnames which includes a space, the ERODS file would fail due to the space. This has been corrected.


Two diagnostic events occurred but only one clear event was identified on the mobile

The mobile will now create a clear event for each activediagnostic and malfunction type.  Multiple diagnostics of the same type will only have one clear event.


Update the Power Malfunction to ensure it matches IVG Functionality

Power Compliance Malfunctions improvements were made to ensure the MCP50 functionality is consistent across all related Omnitracs devices.


Create an additional notification to be used for a Power Data Diagnostic that occurs when the ELD does not remain powered for the period that the vehicle engine remains powered

Improvements have been made to better detect power data diagnostics during operation of the vehicle.


 Port VDS changes for HOS Compliance to MCP50 from IVG

Updates to the VDS programming to ensure power up date and time stamps are recorded accurately.



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