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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) DA0915R Release Notes

Hardware Requirements and Software Dependencies

This firmware release supports the following and higher MCNs:

  • CV90-JC339-1xx, -2xx, -3xx
  • CA90-JE045-1xx, -2xx, -3xx
  • CV90-JE045-1xx, -2xx, -3xx

and is composed of the following software:

  • PAPI 9.0
  • VIOP 8.02

NOTE: CV90-JE045-xxx hardware is compatible with OT50 and newer operating systems and DA09xxR firmware and newer only.

Operating System

This firmware release is compatible with the Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact operating system (WEC2013 OS) OT33 or higher.

Upgrade Procedures

Most upgrades are done over-the-air. Both the firmware and the operating system are available for download on the Omnitracs Customer Portal (on the Support page, click Firmware/OS and refer to the Installation and Troubleshooting Guide).

Features and Enhancements

The following are new features or enhancements to existing features available in this release.

The features and enhancements listed here are available with this release.

  • Vehicle Inspection Report 2.0 enhancements for Canadian rules and improvements to the VIR application
  • Over-the-Air Programming (OTAP) for Cummins engines allows vehicles with MY2017 Cummins engines and newer to update the engine's ECU to the most up-to-date engine software
  • The firmware supports IVGs with either an LTE- or 3G-modem
  • IVGs with UAs beginning with 1085 (LTE hardware):
    • Have an enhanced capacitive digitizer/touchscreen that is more sensitive to touch. The new screens may not work with gloves that are not intended for use with capacitive touch screens
    • Communicate on the LTE network and must install 9x firmware or later
  • Omnitracs Navigation 4.9 updates detailed in the Omnitracs Navigation release notes and the driver-facing on-board support system
  • Various bug fixes and performance optimizations

Known Issues - Hours of Service

The following are issues drivers may encounter as they use the IVG.


After periods of no activity the touch panel may become unresponsive to touch inputs. To work around this hit the home button and the touch panel driver will be reloaded to regain functionality.


Updated hours do not display correctly on 14- and 70-hour clocks. Drivers are prevented from launching Workflow or navigation after stopping for the night.

Web Browser

In some instances, terrestrial web browsing is slow. There is no workaround. Navigation is briefly visible while the web browser is launching. The web browser gets stuck on the “Please Wait” message. MP4 videos does not display with the correct aspect ratio. Scroll bars do not display on all web pages that need them. When drivers attempt to view videos full screen, the OS popup overlays the video. Occasionally when scrolling past a video, the video will restart.

Weigh Station Bypass

In some instances, the Spanish version of Weigh Station Bypass is not providing appropriate messages to drivers. There is no workaround.


If CEV is enabled, Wi-Fi cannot be used by any other applications.

User Interface

During beta testing, the IVG occasionally did not recognize screen touches.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

When the driver gives the voice command "Tire Status" to the IVG, the reply can contain inaccuracies.


Pages are not printing correctly in both portrait and landscape orientation.

Omnitracs Navigation

Dispatched trips override the current active route. If navigation is running when ignition is turned on, Omnitracs Navigation may cover the driver warning screen for a few seconds. See Omnitracs Navigation release notes for more details.

Operating System

Operating system errors are displayed to drivers. Bluetooth connection pop-up messages are being displayed to drivers.

Omnitracs NaviGo™ Navigation powered by Telogis

The menu is not available to both drivers when team driving. The interface freezes or loads slowly. The application intermittently fails to launch. In some instances, drivers are unable to log in. There is currently no workaround.


An error is occasionally generated when a driver replies to a message that has a field with a value that's selected from a pick list (like state).

Media Manager

The IVG reboots when trying to open large PDF files (several hundred pages). Impact: Drivers cannot open large files sent through Media Manager. Alert bubbles sometimes do not appear on the Media Manager application icon. The driver will still be made aware by other alerts from the device.

In-Cab Scanning

If the IVG is restarted while trying to send a scanned image, the message may be deleted from the outbox and not sent to the host system. A negative message ID is sometimes generated when sending a scan.

Hours of Service

If the co-driver has a long name, it is truncated in the driver picklist. When newly-created drivers certify their logs for the first time, the IVG may inaccurately indicate that they still need to certify their logs. Both the driver and co-driver may be recorded as in the Driving duty status if the co-driver logs in and the wheels turn immediately thereafter. When two drivers are logged in and the IVG reboots, if both drivers log out from the splash screen; then two new drivers log in at the splash screen, one of the previous drivers may remain logged in and only one of the new drivers is logged in. While in inspector mode, incorrect data may display for accumulated miles and accumulated engine hours associated with certification events. The on-screen keyboard sometimes displays instead of the "Load Information is Required" prompt after the driver taps the "Enter Loads Info" button. Impact: The driver must minimize the keyboard; then click "Enter Load Info" again.

Critical Event Video

When the "distance to forward vehicle" information received from a Mobileye system is invalid, the IVG may flag false CER events.

Critical Event Reporting

Hard brake events are not being correctly recorded for Volvo Mack vehicles.

Omnitracs CoPilot® Truck™ Navigation

Occasionally, drivers may notice that routes generated by ALK navigation are longer than anticipated. There is no workaround.