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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Omnitracs Intelligent Gateway (IVG) DA0966R Release Notes

Hardware Requirements and Software Dependencies

This firmware release supports the following and higher MCNs:

  • CV90-JC339-1xx, -2xx, -3xx
  • CA90-JE045-1xx, -2xx
  • CV90-JE045-1xx, -2xx
  • CA90-JC339-1xx, -2xx, -3xx

and is composed of the following software:

  • PAPI
  • VIOP
  • WEC2013 OS (OS 61)

Operating System

  • 3G units (UAs 108000000 - 108499999) are compatible with the Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact operating system (WEC2013 OS) OS33 or higher. 
  • LTE units (UA 108500000 or higher) are compatible with the Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact operating system (WEC2013 OS) OS50 or higher.

Upgrade Procedures

Most upgrades are done over-the-air. The IVG firmware is available for download on the Omnitracs Customer Portal (on the Support page, click Firmware/OS and refer to the Installation and Troubleshooting Guide).

Features and Enhancements

The following are new features or enhancements to existing features available in this release.


  • The new IVG Operating System 61 brings critical stability improvements to the IVG platform.
  • This release includes new driver support for the Ambir DP468 Scanner.

Critical Event Video (CEV) Enhancements

This release includes the following CEV enhancements:

  • Improved direct and indirect SD card health checks for supported cameras
  • A new directory structure integrity scan of the camera
  • Enhanced CEV logging

Hours of Service (HOS)

  • When an active driver is in a driving status that crosses the midnight hour, a new duty status event will be created for the time accrued after midnight. This change ensures that the driver's location will be accurately identified in the driver's log.
  • Drivers are now removed from On Duty driving status when the ignition is turned off.

Known Issues - Hours of Service

  • Exempt drivers are prompted by Malfunctions and Diagnostics alerts after they log in successfully on a NVRAM cleared unit.
  • The Missing Data Diagnostic prompt does not change the word "Status" to "Statuses" when there are two or more statuses to review.