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IVG DA1304R Release Notes


We are pleased to announce the IVG DA1304R release is coming soon.

This release includes feature enhancements and software corrections.


Feature Enhancements



Language Options

Mobile updates were translated and implemented for continuous support for French and Spanish language features.

AOBRD Logs not available when operating in ELD Mode and in the Canada region.

When the Mobile app is operating in ELD Mode and the Canada region is selected, the Canadian ELD eRODS report is sent via fax or email. There is no longer an option to request AOBRD Logs, so that the driver does not send the wrong report.

Splash Screen Enhancements

Hours of Service Processing Message

When the driver has made changes that need to be processed, the Hours of Service (HOS) screens will display a "Please wait, loading..." message. The message will display in the HOS header over the DOT date throughout the app and on the Status and Certify Tab banner.

A number of enhancements have been made to the splash screen to improve performance and the user experience. The Splash Screen now behaves similar to the Driver Login application on the unit. The time it takes to process user input on the Splash Screen during startup has also been significantly reduced. If processing takes longer than the app to fully boot the Hours of Service app will display “Please wait, loading…” and prevents the driver from entering potentially erroneous data until processing finishes. Additionally, a number of bugs related to using the splash screen and driving have been fixed.

Co-Driver Enhancement

A new validation is in place to evaluate if the Co-Driver needs to authenticate before checking for pending prompts. When a Co-Driver logs into the mobile app and changes from the Home screen to the Hours of Service (HOS) screen, the action buttons will update when the Co-Driver has a pending prompt to display.

The driver will see an alert:

Load Info Required for the following Dates:


Select the Enter Load Information button to view the Load Information Page.

Oil Well Enhancement

When the current status is Personal Conveyance (PC) or Yard Move (YM), the only option is None.

When an admin removes the use of PC from the host and the logs are received, the PC option is removed but the Oil Well option is enabled to allow the driver to select it.

Changing Load Information

When a driver edits or changes their load information for a previous day, we now allow them to perform multiple edits before they navigate away and are prompted to certify the days they may have altered.


Other Enhancements

Vehicle Information View

In the Vehicle Information view, we have improved the UI to ensure that the text in the Vehicle ID/Plate Number column is not cutoff.

Update Certify Date Improvement

The date, in the Update Certify tab, now displays events whose start time did not occur on the same date as the one displayed in the upper right corner.

UI Improvements

Updated icon background color from white to dark, to reduce confusion that the icon was a check box, which it is not. This applies to certification/sensor fail status images on the Certify Tab, Certify Day, Day Log tab views, and Notes View (remarks button from the graph tab).

IVG Start-End Odometer Enhancement

To improve accuracy, the Odometer Start and End values will now include tenths of a mile.

Hours of Service Improvements

The back and cancel buttons on various Hours of Service (HOS) screens made navigating more time consuming than necessary. Improvements have been made to shorten the number of steps in the workflow.

User Interface Localization

Localized a popup the text "Driver Login is Loading" in Spanish and French.

New Map Release

IVG Map Data ALK CoPilot 2022Q4 is now available.

Unified Installer Update for the IVG

A new IVG Installer provides the user with the ability to automatically install Apps and the operating system.

The user may select one map option of Co-Pilot, Navigo, or No Navigation System.


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
Compliance IVG
OHOS-17 Fixed an issue where the IVG had a power loss or reboot which caused a loss of a message queued for host which resulted in a driver remaining in driving for over 12 hours. Compliance, IVG
Hours of Service
OHOS-11596 Fixed an issue where an old Diagnostic Malfunction Alert Manager displayed even though it was several days old and cleared previously. HOS
OHOS-11758 Fixed an issue where the driver received HOS Violation message in error. HOS
OHOS-18 Fixed an issue where a driver was assigned Drive time and On-Duty time while they were logged out. IVG
OHOS-8604 This fix affects the Clock In View, Edit Duty Status View, Off Duty Deferral View, and Load Edit View. When a field within each of these views' DateTimePicker is not selected (highlighted), increasing or decreasing using the buttons will rollover time when needed. IVG
OHOS-8606 Fixed an issue in the remarks list, when text is highlighted and then the driver clicks elsewhere, the highlighted text is deleted. IVG
OHOS-8607 Fixed an issue when IVG is launched for the first time, the driver is not able to change minutes in the in/out clock using the right and left arrows. IVG
OHOS-9208 Fixed an issue in IVG where an eRODS document cannot generate the codriver while the first Driver's eRODS document is being uploaded or has failed. IVG
OHOS-10205 Fixed an issue where an IVG reset with Clear NVRAM option selected caused TTS to not work in the Hours of Service (HOS) App. IVG
OHOS-10328 Fixed an issue when the driver had pending days to certify, other than the current day, the text in the log out prompt is not displayed. IVG
OHOS-10458 Fixed an issue where the driver is not prompted to Accept or Reject a new Operating Zone after log in. IVG
OHOS-10466 Fixed an issue where the scroll bar in the header screen was superimposed on characters. IVG
OHOS-10612 Fixed an issue where an IVG had Multiple Unknown Position or GPS missing data diagnostics triggered then cleared within a minute. IVG
OHOS-10616 Fixed an issue where an IVG Unit remained in Driving status for an extended time. IVG
OHOS-10671 Fixed an issue where an IVG lost power or rebooted causing the loss of messages queued for host. IVG
OHOS-10732 Fixed an issue where an IVG has an unexpected shutdown. This occurred when the driver attempted to split an event and modified the datetime or when attempting to modify time in Off-Duty Driving (ODD). IVG
OHOS-10803 Fixed an issue where a driver logged out of the mobile app, but the host showed the driver logged in On-Duty immediately following the logout. IVG
OHOS-11724 Fixed an issue where a drive attempted to login, but the previous driver was logged in instead. IVG
OHOS-11947 Upgrading from an older IVG firmware version of 09xx or earlier to 12xx can cause excessive power data diagnostics to be reported, should one occur. IVG
WIN-31877 Fixed an issue where the Mobile App did not send connection events when connecting to a Trailertracs unit. IVG
WIN-44687 Fixed a Critical Event Video issue where the 750+ CEV camera had suffered from delayed video offload. IVG
WIN-44694 Fixed an issue where camera was connected properly and it appeared in the portal, but videos from that camera were not displayed in the portal. IVG
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