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Release Notes - APP V3.3.0

Sylectus Driver – APP v3.3.0

Release Notes - APP V3.3.0



Cash Advance: Drivers with the EFS Card Integration can request cash advances as soon as the first loading event is completed.




Rate Facility  -  Drivers will no longer be prompted with the “Rate Facility” pop-up.


Safe Area View iPhone 14 Pro Max:​​​​​ -  Resolved visibility issues for iPhone 14 Pro Max users

SMS Workflow: Resolved onboarding issues for Android users. Now, when Android users received the onboarding text message, their user credentials will automatically populated and they will be logged in after downloading the application

  • Workflow: User Receives Onboarding Text → User Clicks Link → User is Directed to Playstore → User Downloads Application → User Credentials Auto-populate and User is Logged In



Android Minimum Version: The new minimum android version supported is Android 10. •

Application Updates: To utilize new features and fixes, please ensure your application is up to date and running the most recent version (v3.3.0). To check which version you are currently running, please follow one of the applicable steps below:

  • Android devices: Open Play Store, search Sylectus Driver, click on Update.
  • iOS devices: Open App Store, search Sylectus Driver, click on Update.
  • Sylectus Driver: Go to More Menu -> Settings, validate you are on version 3.3.0




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