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RP1226 Connector in 2019 and 2020 Trucks

RP1226 Connector in 2019 and 2020 Trucks

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Many of the OEMs have started putting a new connector in 2019 trucks. The new connector is called a RP1226 connector and is sometimes referred to as the “telematics connector”, or “14-pin connector”.  This connector provides power and vehicle data (and more) for telematics devices. Similar to what’s happened in the past, each OEM is doing things a bit differently. Each may vary with the RP1226 connector pinouts, the location of the connector, whether the RP1226 connector is standard or if it’s an add on option (prewire), available adapter cables …and so on. To complicate matters further, we are getting reports of dealers telling customers that the truck’s warranty will be void if they connect a telematics device to the diagnostic connector when a RP1226 connector is available. In a few cases, our devices are getting intermittent vehicle data from RP1226 connector (International – Kenworth). All this is being worked on now.