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The International Fuel Tax Agreement, or IFTA, is a tax collection agreement by and among the 10 Canadian provinces and the 48 continental United States to simplify the reporting of fuel use by motor carriers that operate in more than one jurisdiction.  Setting up your organization and filing IFTA paperwork can be a challenge—Omnitracs has created these training videos to help get you started.


Setting up IFTA reports and Highway Use Tax (HUT)


Omnitracs XRS organizes IFTA into three main categories—preparation is one of them.  This video will help you to successfully prepare your organization for IFTA filing and reporting.



Importing of Fuel and Manual Adjustments


This video details the four methods for inputting fuel into the Omnitracs XRS system, and further, walks you through the adjustment of those entries.



Validating Miles and Running Reports


Reports are a valuable tool for any motor carrier.  This video walks you through many of the IFTA-based reports you will need, and explains why you might need them.




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