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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

'Split if Necessary' feature is splitting stops with multiple orders that total less than equipment capacity


The feature, "Split if necessary", does not guarantee that splits will only occur if all orders are greater than full truck load.  This feature is implemented in the Create Routes algorithm.  Each order is a separate stop internally until algorithm is finished.  The original thought process was that the algorithm will naturally group these individual orders together. However, engineer states that he never considered cases where there are 5+ orders per customer.  

If a customer has a business requirement whereby orders are split to make a full truck load, there is an experimental algorithm feature you can implement.  To implement the experimental feature:

1. Disable the option, "Split if necessary"
2. Login RNA Admin site
3. Search for customer and edit customer record
4. In the box, Experimental Feature Codes, enter text:  limitedsplit