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Omnitracs 6.6.2 Host-XRS Relay 5.90 Release Notes



We are pleased to announce that the OT1 6.6.0267 Compliance Host and Relay 5.90 release will be December 10, 2022.

This release includes feature enhancements needed to support Canadian ELD and other software corrections.


Host Feature Enhancements

Historical Certification of Logs

Drivers will now be prompted to Certify (or re-certify) any un-certified days in their logs.  Previously, drivers were only able to Certify days that were in their current weekly cycle, 7 or 8 days in the US and 14 days in Canada.  When a driver logs into the mobile they will be prompted to certify all Historical (outside of their current cycle) Days that are uncertified.

NOTE:  This feature requires XRS Mobile 6.6.0267 in order to be fully functional.


Relay Changes

UVA Processing Changes

Updated UVA Processing to give a more accurate accounting of UVA and ensuring that they are presented to a driver to accept or reject prior to being sent to the Host.


Diagnostic/Malfunction Processing Changes

Updated Diagnostic and Malfunction Processing to give a more accurate accounting of Diagnostics and Malfunctions.

NOTE:  In order to be compliant for Canadian ELD upgrading to XRS Relay 5.90 is required.


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
XRS-18697 Fixed an issue in the Web Service - Driver Log Detail where some SiteIDs were not populating.  This causes the integration to show some Stops as Missed. Host
XRS-18570 Fixed an issue where the driver is repeatedly required to Accept Carrier Edits that have already been accepted each time, they login. Host
XRS-18069 Fixed an issue in OT1: RNA > Maintenance and XRS Customer account > Admin > Vehicles, where the user was not able to remove a telematics device from the vehicle. Host
XRS-19438 Fixed an issue where the user was unable to remove an XRS Relay or move equipment to another primary region. Host
XRS-19666 Fixed an issue where the user received the error, unexpected request, when running the ELD Driver Log Report (Canada.) Host


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