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OT1 6.7 Host Release Notes for UAT V4


We are pleased to announce that the OT1 6.7 Host release notes for User Acceptance Testing V4 will be released on June 5, 2023.

This release includes feature enhancements and software corrections.


Feature Enhancements


Hours of Service

Driver Details Log Editor 

The Driver Details Log Editor (DDLE) will no longer allow the user to insert a duty status event on top of a Personal Conveyance event.

Logic has been introduced to validate the placement of carrier edit events when inserting duty status over Yard Move events.

A change was made to the Driver Log Editor that ensures that the driver can undo Unassigned Vehicle Activity events.

A back-end user can no longer make edits to events when the day is uncertified.

In the Driver Log Editor, when a user deletes or undoes an Unassigned Vehicle Activity (UVA) event, both the begin and end events are deleted properly.

When a back-end user is working in the Driver Log Editor, they will receive an error message when attempting to add an event when there are events pending approval. The error message states, "Additional edits are not allowed when they overlap with already pending edits."


Obsolete Hours of Service Rules removed

The following obsolete HOS Rules have been removed from the 'Select HOS Rules' dialog:

  • 7/60 hrs
  • US 8/70 hrs
  • US Oil 7/60 hrs
  • US Oil 8/70 hrs
  • US 7/60 Short Haul hrs

Any current usage of these obsolete HOS Rules will be converted to the following  during the deployment:

  • US 7/60 hrs to US 7/60 hrs (Dec 2020)
  • US 8/70 hrs to US 8/70 hrs (Dec 2020)
  • US Oil 7/60 hrs to US Oil 7/60 hrs (Dec 2020)
  • US Oil 8/70 hrs to US Oil 8/70 hrs (Dec 2020)
  • US 7/60 Short Haul hrs to US 7/60 Short Haul hrs (Dec 2020)
  • US 8/70 Short Haul hrs to US 8/70 Short Haul hrs (Dec 2020)


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
RPE-94703 Fixed an issue where the back-end user receives an Unexpected Error in POST Orders (REST) when using "taskType": "OmniDelivery" instead of "taskType": "Delivery". API
RPE-103480 Fixed an issue where the back-end user receives an unknown error when exporting orders via the API only when using an existing session. API
XRS-18093 Fixed an issue where the terminating On-Duty event was NOT editable in the Unassigned Vehicle Activity (UVA) tool when assigning UVA to a driver. Host
XRS-18758 Fixed an issue where the user runs a Non-ELD Driver Log Report that incorrectly displays multiple trailer ID's. Host
XRS-20245 When duty status events are created in UVA, the On Duty events will be editable through the Driver Log Editor. The user can select the edit button to edit the event. Host
RPE-87839 Fixed an issue where users may have experienced slowness within the routing client. Routing
RPE-90439,RPE-93337 Fixed an issue where a user received a ‘Server is Busy’ error when attempting to delete a route. Routing
RPE-93733 Fixed an issue when moving a stop on a route that resulted in a server busy error. Routing
RPE-96851 Fixed an issue in route planning where a user encountered a server busy error, when attempting to delete a route, search for a service location, or move stops between routes. Routing
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