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OT1 6.6.4 Host Release Notes


We are pleased to announce that the OT1 6.6.4 Host release will be available February 4, 2023.

This release includes a new feature enhancements and software corrections.


Feature Enhancements

In OT1 Host, the distance calculation feature was improved to ensure correct distance calculation in various reports.


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
XRS-16809 There was an issue where the Team Driver Mileage value in Driver Payroll was calculated incorrectly. Host
XRS-18232 Fixed an issue in the ELD and Non-ELD Driver Log Report displayed incorrect mileage. Host
XRS-18618 Fixed an issue in the Non-ELD Driver Log Report for some drivers who displayed 0.0 miles in the Total Distance Driver Today column, even though the driver had miles to show. Host
XRS-18621 Fixed an issue in the Driver Payroll Summary Report that was filtered by organization vs. an individual driver that did not populate daily mileage data. Host
XRS-18729 Fixed an issue in the Driver Log Summary Report that showed a value for Drive Time on the report, but the Total Distance Driving value was zero. Host
XRS-18826 Fixed an issue in the Payroll Summary report that did not show distance values on the 24 hour report. Host
XRS-18916 Fixed an issue when running the Driver Log Summary report twice, for 2 different start dates but with the same end date, results in different mileage for the same driver. Host
XRS-19551 Fixed an issue in the Driver Log Summary and Non-ELD Driver Log Reports displayed inconsistent mileage values. Host
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