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Omnitracs One 6.50.2 Release Notes

NOTE: This Release contains the Mobile features associated with the OT1 6.5.1 Release as well as the below listed Features and Fixes.



We are pleased to announce that the Omnitracs 6.5.2 Mobile release will be available on June 25, 2022.

This release includes new features, enhancements, and software corrections.


New Features and Enhancements

The new features and enhancements section describes the changes included in the 6.5.2 release.


Mobile Support for SR4

XRS Mobile can now connect to a SmartDrive SR4 via Bluetooth for cellular connectivity.


XRS Mobile – Supports Android 11 SDK 30


Implement Location Permission Warning Message for Google Play (Android 11+)

XRS Mobile complies with Google's location permission requirements for Android 11+ OS versions. XRS Mobile will include a statement on the login screen that Omnitracs XRS collects location data to enable RODS record creation even when the app is closed or not in use.

When installing on Android OS 11 and higher, the background location permission message is presented; Please tap on "Allow in settings" and select the "Allow all the time" option to grant the background location permission, followed by selecting the Accept button.


New behavior when permission to read phone number is denied

When first installed, XRS Mobile requests permission to "make and manage phone calls" in order to read the device's phone number. Previously, when this permission was denied, the app would force terminate. Now this permission is optional; if denied, the app will prompt the user to enter the phone number manually.


Android 11 File storage one-time migration

When XRS Mobile 6.20.5 is installed to your mobile device, Android 11 file storage will automatically migrate your registration, file folder structure, and content to the appropriate Android 11 locations.  This is a one-time migration.




Prompt Driver to Certify historical days

Drivers will be prompted to certify historical days when they first log into the mobile app after they have done a Clock-In via the Kiosk (Time clock) or Driver Portal to ensure continuity of experience with drivers who do not use the Kiosk or Driver Portal.


Android 10: Provide Distinct Warning to User to Accept Wi-Fi Permissions

For Android 10 Mobile devices only, a prominent notification message is displayed when a Wi-Fi Hotspot connection is required.

Message: Please accept the Wi-Fi permission displayed at the top of the Notification Banner. Failure to accept this permission will result in connection problems. This message will be dismissed automatically when  Wi-Fi permissions were accepted previously and the connection succeeds.


Changes to enable Undo UVA on XRS Host

XRS Host users have the ability to undo unassigned vehicle activities (UVA) using the Driver Log Editor that were accepted on XRS Mobile by the driver.


Software Corrections

Work Item Number




An issue was fixed where ELD Exempt drivers were unable to complete Driver Log edits due to the Certify option being grayed out on XRS Mobile.



Fixed an issue where the driver did not show any drive time and was disconnected from the vehicle.



An issue was resolved when opening the XRS Mobile App, if the driver refuses all the permissions by selecting "Don't Allow" the app closes. When the driver opens the App again, the application never asks for permissions again and closes.



An issue was resolved when opening the XRS Mobile App, if the driver refuses all the permissions by selecting "Don't Allow" the app closes. When the driver opens the App again and grants permissions, the initializing services screen stops and never changes.



There was an issue where during login, the application would get stuck in the "Waiting for OBC" state. The Bluetooth scan was not able to connect to the telematics device due to the required location permission not being enabled. A change was made to manage this error condition and complete the device discovery process. This issue has been resolved.



An issue was resolved where a driver using the XRS Mobile App was forced to re-register the device.


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