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Omnitracs Navigation - Release Notes

These release notes describe the changes included in the release.


Work Item Number



When maps exist in the SDCard root location, the user can select an empty NaviMaps folder and migration will occur. Map files from the root location will be copied, not moved.


For the Cities, the TTS says Street instead of Saint, the dictionary has the ST abbreviation associated with Street.


When there is not enough space on the SDCard to migrate maps from root to scope storage, OTNAV notifies the user. If the user hits Continue, migration starts but only some map files will be moved to scope storage.


When starting a trip that is unable to calculate route when routing to a valid stop and trying the unable to calculate trip again, the pop-up shows the prior valid address.


When closing the Calc Route spinner and scrolling over the Map, the Recenter button is hidden and the toast message of calculating route remains displayed


If OTNAV is updated to 6.2 during a Map Download to internal location after migration is completed, download will continue but not to the scope storage location.


After traveling to a valid destination, when using URI with an "Unable to calculate a route" if tapping Retry, OTNav calculates to the prior valid route.


Having OTNav open on some menu pages, when departing a URI trip from an external app the Calc Spinner never goes away until hitting the "X."


Disable search, add waypoint, and add stop options when routing to a destination through URI from external app.


Change OTNav Default Vehicle Dimensions and Path Settings when none are received from integration.


Faster route popup happening often and too quickly. Change the default value of the config AutoAcceptFasterRouteTimeInSecs to 10 seconds.


OT Nav to retain the routeName in the URI in arrival and route status broadcast.


If the FAB menu is opened during a route and never closed, the next time a route is calculated the FAB menu is displayed opened.


When the pop up to grant permission to load maps from SDCard root is displayed, if the user hits the screen outside of the pop up, it closes and green splash screen is displayed and nothing happens.


OTNav is NOT showing the pop-up to select the folder, when having 2 NaviMaps folders in the SDCard, the first folder with maps in the root and the 2nd empty in a folder named RNMobile.


OTNAV: ReCenter functionality does not reposition the map automatically.


When receiving a dispatch with a long name the text overlaps other elements, we truncate the text and display 3 dots.


OT Nav crash issue in OS11 while coming to the foreground.


OS11 - When full maps are located in SDCard scope storage, OTNAV is taking 1:30 min to launch.


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