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Omnitracs Compliance and Drive

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Omnitracs Drive lets you quickly access Compliance functions to keep you moving forward with your day and stay compliant with Federal regulations. Within Drive, you can quickly see how your duty status is set as well as change your status, review your time to violation clocks, see the number of hours you have been driving, and easily access the Compliance features.

Signing In To Drive

During the sign in process Drive will prompt you to certify and edit your logs. If you have Hours of Service logs that need to be certified, Drive will prompt you to manage them before you can proceed with your day. Logs that are not certified will display one by one and you are required to either Agree to a log or Edit a log. If you agree to all of your logs, you will continue on to Drive. If you edit a log, the Log Editor opens in Compliance.

The Log Editor allows you to manage your logs that have not been certified. Remember, all your logs must be certified before you can continue with your day in Drive.

To return to Drive and begin your day, press your device’s back button.

For more information about managing your Hours of Service logs, see videos on editing and certifying logs.

Managing Hours of Service

Drive is designed to work seamlessly with Compliance, if you don’t change your duty status at sign in, you can change it when you start and complete your trip, when you arrive or depart a stop, and any time you view the HOS Page.

If you are set up to automatically arrive and depart stops, your Duty Status will change between On Duty Driving and On Duty Not Driving when the vehicle is or is not in motion for five minutes.

While you are running your trip, the HOS Timeclock shows you the time you have remaining until your next required rest break.

The HOS page lets you review your time to violation clocks as well as change your Current Duty Status.To change your Duty Status on the HOS page, simply tap the arrow next to your Current Status and choose an appropriate Duty Status from the list.

Tap ELD Activities on the HOS screen, to see a list of compliance options available to you, such as View Logs during a roadside inspection, Edit Logs if you need to change an event in your log history, or use Work Time Extension for a weather delay. When you tap an option, the Compliance application opens to the appropriate screen to perform the activity. When you complete your ELD activities, press your device’s back button to continue your day in Drive.

Accessing Compliance from the Menu

Finally, you can access Omnitracs Compliance directly from the Main Menu in Drive. Tap Menu and then tap Compliance.

This is another quick way to open Compliance when you need to show your logs to a D-O-T inspector.

To return to Drive when you are on the Compliance main screen, tap Menu and then tap Omnitracs Drive.

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