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Ending Your Trip

The Circle of Service guides you through your day. There are a few types of service, starting your trip, servicing stops, and completing your trip. Depending on the type of service you are performing, you will have different tasks available in your Circle of Service. Along with your trip tasks, you can also see information about the stop you are working with and you can add additional tasks in your Circle of Service. The information below covers a typical Circle of Service.

Notes: Tasks may be named differently, depending on how your organization has them set up.
If you use navigation, each time you depart a stop your navigation application opens and provides directions. To return to Omnitracs Drive, use your mobile device's Back button. You will only auto navigate if you are using ALK Copilot, Omnitracs Navigation, Google Maps, or Waze.

Completing the Trip

After you have completed all the stops on your trip and you are ready to finalize the trip, press the last stop on the map. The Circle of Service for completing the trip displays. If your destination is also the last delivery/pickup stop on your trip, you may have a delivery/pickup task to complete before you can perform a Post-Trip or End Trip task.

  1. Press Arrive to open the Arrive task for the last stop.
  1. On the Arrive screen, you can confirm the stop's arrival date and time, as well as your current duty status.

To change the Arrival Date, press the calendar icon and choose the correct date of arrival.

To change the Arrival Time, press the clock icon and choose the correct time of arrival.

To change your Duty Status, press the Change Driver HOS Duty Status to: arrow and choose your updated status from the options that display. If necessary, you can edit the HOS Log Notation.

  1. To complete the Arrive task, press Done. Your Circle of Service displays.

Completing the Post-Trip Inspection

The Arrive section of the Circle of Service for the last stop on your trip shows as complete and you are able to proceed to the post-trip inspection. If the last stop on your trip is your destination, you may have Delivery/Pickup and Review & Signoff tasks to complete before completing the Post-Trip Inspection task. The Post-Trip Inspection task may be called something different, such as DVIR.

  1. Press Post-Trip Inspection to open the task.
  1. If an asset is assigned to the trip, it displays on the screen.

Notes: If an asset is not assigned to the trip or you need to change the asset, press the edit icon beside the asset. To remove the assigned asset, press the X beside the assigned asset. To add an asset, enter the Asset ID. Available assets display in the list and filter to your entry as characters are entered. Pressthe + next to the asset you want to add. Add all assets and then press Continue. If the asset is not found in the list of available assets, you have the option to add it as an unverified asset. You must choose an asset type from the list for your unverified asset.

  1. If prompted, enter the current mileage for the asset.

  2. If prompted, press Yes to view the previous inspection. The Inspection Summary screen displays with information about who performed the inspection and when,, as well as the summary and defects found. Press X to close the Inspection Summary screen and return to the Post-Trip screen.

Note: If you don't want to see the previous inspection, press No.

  1. For each inspection category, press the arrow to expand the available inspection points and check all points that apply, to indicate a defect. You can press the camera icon to attach a picture of the defect, You can also press the Note icon to attach a note to the defect. If pictures and/or notes are required, the icons display red. Required items must be included before you can complete the Post-Trip task.

  2. If no defects were found, check the Confirm no defects were found box. If a defect is checked, you are prompted to verify that the asset is safe to operate. Press Yes.

Note: If the asset is not safe to operate, press No and contact the appropriate individuals.

  1. Press Yes to use a previous signature. The previous signature displays with an updated GPS location, date, and time.

Note: Press No if you want to collect a new signature. Use your finger to sign your name on the screen and press Continue to save your new signature.

  1. Press Done to complete and close the Post-Trip Inspection task. Your Circle of Service displays.

Ending the Trip

  1. Press End Trip to open the End task.

  2. To rate the stop from 1, the lowest score, to 5, the highest, press the Star icon that represents your rating. Once you rate the stop, you can add a comment about your rating.

  3. To change your Duty Status, press the Change Driver HOS Duty Status to: arrow and choose your updated status from the options that display. If necessary, you can edit the HOS Log Notation.

  4. To complete the End task, press Done. The trip is completed and you are returned to the Planner screen.

Phases of Your Circle of Service

For information about finding stop information, manually adding tasks, and optional tasks in your Circle of Service, see Working with the Circle of Service.

For information on what you see in the Circle of Service when you begin a trip, see Starting Your Trip.

For information on what you see in the Circle of Service while you are servicing the stops on your trip, see Servicing Stops on Your Trip.

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