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Working on the Home Screen

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Note: Depending on settings, some information and features may not be available.

If you have an active trip available or you have activated and opened a trip from the Planner view in Omnitracs Drive, the Map view displays with the stops on your trip showing on the map. You can zoom into and out of the map. You can also choose to see weather and traffic on the map.

Note: If a trip on your mobile device is modified by the dispatcher, a notification displays.

You can do a number of things while on the Home screen. In the Map view, you can see an overview of your trip, as well as zoom into it to see specific portions. In the Planner view, you can see a list of trips that are assigned to you and view the stops on those trips. You can also view your up-to-date Hours of Service Duty Status information and read your Messages.

To see the Main Menu, press the Main Menu icon. Choose the option with which you want to work.

To see Hours of Service information, press the HOS tab. The Hours of Service window displays. To see available Duty Status options, press the Current Status arrow. If you want to change your Duty Status, press the appropriate status and then Continue. Press ELD Activities to View Logs, Edit Logs, add a Work Time Extension, and more.  When two workers are logged into Drive, both worker's Hours of Service information is available. Use the arrow icon to move the screen between the two worker's information. Only the Active worker's Hours of Service information can be changed. 

To move to the next task on the trip, press the next task icon. The next task on your trip opens.

Note: Complete any Compliance tasks that display.

To see the map with your trip applied to it, press Maps. When you open a trip, the Map screen displays.

To read and send messages, press Messages.

To proceed with your day, depending on where you are within your trip, press the first, next, or last stop of your trip on the map. The Circle of Service displays. You may also press the next task icon to proceed.

Note: You must have an active trip in order to move forward with your day.

The Circle of Service guides you through your trip. Depending on what type of stop you are servicing, the Circle of Service has different tasks available to perform.

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