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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Welcome to Omnitracs Drive

Drive is designed to make running your trips easier. Drive lets you perform all of your daily tasks, follow your daily workflow, manage your duty status and vehicle inspections, and perform delivery and pickup of orders, using one application.

The main menu in Drive allows you to access a number of different screens.

Note: Depending on settings, some information and features may not be available.

The name and Driver ID of the worker displays at the top of the menu. 

If you use Compliance, a second worker can log into Drive and use the same mobile device as the first worker. Tap Add Co-Driver and enter the additional worker's Driver ID and Password. Tap Sign In. The second worker is added to the worker information at the top of the menu. 

When a co-driver is logged in, a worker can be marked as Primary (P) and/or Active (A).

The person who is driving the equipment and will have an HOS Duty Status of "On Duty Driving" is considered Primary. If the correct worker is not marked as Primary, tap the P associated with the appropriate worker to change the status. This status may change from one worker to the other throughout the trip.

The person who is using the Drive application is considered Active. If the correct worker is not marked as Active, tap the A associated with the appropriate worker to change the status. This status may change from one worker to the other throughout the trip.

Note: The worker who logs into Drive first is listed first at the top of the menu and to whom the trip is assigned. If the first worker logs out, the second worker must re-enter the password to remain logged into Drive. 

Sign Out - Allows the worker or co-driver to log out of Drive.

Note: You are prompted if there is an active Trip and you try to log out of Drive.

Map - Allows you to move through your trip using the Circle of Service. You can also access Messages and the Planner view.

My Day Planner - Allows you to see the trips available to you and activate the one you want to service. You can also access the Map view and Messages.

Messages - Allows you to send messages to and see messages received from the dispatcher. You can also access the Planner and Map views.

Documents - Allows you to take a picture of a document and save it. To add a document, from the Documents screen, press the + icon. Press the Type arrow and choose the type of document you are adding. Enter the document number and any Comments. Press the Camera icon. Your mobile device's camera opens. Drive will take the photo automatically if it detects a rectangle shape in the preview. Follow any instructions you might see, such as get closer or hold still. If it doesn't automatically take the photo, you can press the spinning circle button to take the picture manually. Once a picture is taken, press Scan and then OK. Add as many photos as you need to the document. Press Done. The document is added to the Documents list.

Adhoc Tasks - Allows you to add an optional task to your trip.

Switch to Navigation - Allows you direct access to your navigation application.

Third Party Apps - Allows you to open third party apps directly from the Drive application.

Compliance - Allows you direct access to Omnitracs XRS from the Drive application.

Feed - Allows you to see information about System, User, HOS, ELD, and Telematics activity. You can filter the list to change what shows in your Feed.

Help & Feedback - Provides help for Drive and allows you to send feedback to Omnitracs.

Synchronize - Allows you to synchronize your trip information.

About - Provides the application version, service ID, device mode, android version, and tenant ID.

Settings - Allows you to change settings on your device. You can change your language preference, enable or disable Text To Speech, and turn Dark Mode on or off.

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