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Users are your drivers and others who use Drive or Command. In the user list, the icon indicates if the user is active or inactive; only active users can log into the applications.

Note: Users are created in Roadnet Anywhere, but can be changed in Command. In addition, User Groups and Roles should be defined before updating your Drive users.

  1. To edit an existing user, click the pencil icon for the user. The Edit User window opens.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow in the Select User Group field and select the group the user should be a member of. If the user is a Drive user, the user group dictates which workflow the user will see in Drive.
  3. Change the First Name or Last Name for the user, if appropriate.
  4. Enter or change the User Email or User Phone. These fields are informational only.
  5. If the user will be using Drive, enter the Driver Id. This is the ID the user will enter when logging into Drive.
  6. Device Name and Last Connected are display only; you cannot change them. For drivers, these fields show you the device the driver is using and the last time that device connected to the Omnitracs Drive website.
  7. Click drop-down arrow in the Select Role field and choose the proper role for the user.
  8. In the Access Control area, check the Granted box for each application the user should be able to access.
  9. Click the [Save] button.



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