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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Core App Settings

The Core App Settings page lets you define options that the driver will have on the mobile device, such as whether the driver can add a stop, as well as what features may appear on the device.

Hint: Hovering over the tooltip icon shows information on each option. 

Add Unplanned Stops - when checked, allows drivers to add unplanned stops to a trip from the Map menu.

Disable Trip Autocomplete - when unchecked, trip will autocomplete when all stops are complete. When checked, driver must open My Day Planner and complete the trip manually.

Enable Third Party Apps - allows driver to access third-party applications through the menu in Drive.

Apps Shown Before List View - enter the number of apps allowed to be seen in the menu. If the number exceeds this, the applications display in a pop out list.

Add Third Party App - press to enter an application installation package or web address that the driver can access from within Drive. Once added, you can edit the information or delete it.

Allow Next Button - shows the Next button on the Map. When pressed, the Next button automatically displays the next required task for the active stop.

Include Original Task Data - sends original task data along with data modified by the driver.

Default Landing Page - determines the default view when the driver logs into Drive: Map, Planner, or HOS.

Slide Out Menu - determines what is included in the Menu. 

Completion Message - enter the message you want the driver to see when the trip is completed.

Workflow After Trip Completion Options - determines where the driver is taken in Drive after completing the final stop on an active trip: My Day Planner, Map View, or logged out of Drive.

Set the number of minutes between sync cycles for each item, based on what is being synced.

Sync: interval (minutes)
Sync: satellite interval (minutes)
Sync: batch size
Sync: max log entries
Sync: max sent box entries

Insert "Not At Origin" Stop - check to allow a new initial stop to be added to the trip, based on the driver's current location and the distance from the origin stop, when the trip is started.

Start Not At Origin Config - controls how startign a trip is processed when a driver is greater than "N" miles from the origin/first stop. Consult the tooltip for more information.

Enable Always On Display - check to have the screen remain on at all times, when Drive is the active application. 

Login Session Timeout (minutes) - enter the maximum amount of time the driver can be logged in before Drive automatically logs out the driver. Enter zero if you do not want drivers to be logged out automatically.

Ask Driver to confirm logout - check to require driver confirmation when logging out of Drive.

Warn active trip on logout - check to have driver warned when logging out and the trip is not complete.

Force login on App Start - check to have Drive require the driver to log in any time it is started.

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