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Workflows define the tasks your drivers perform throughout their day. You can define tasks the driver needs to complete before starting the route, at stops, when completing the route - whatever is needed throughout the day. Command comes with a default workflow - you can edit this workflow to make it work for your company, or you can clone the workflow and use it as the basis for your own workflow. Or, you could even create a workflow from scratch.

Each workflow has six areas you can configure:

Circle of Service - a list of stop types and the associated tasks to be completed at each stop type

Task Library - a list of tasks and their configuration option

Universal Config - application configuration that is unrelated to stop types and tasks, such as HOS settings, Help and Support, and more.

Languages and Labels - change the field label text and configure the application for different languages.

Supporting Data - lookup values for status and type list. For instance, order or stop status, units of measure, etc .

Inspections - configurations for vehicle inspections, vehicle types, and inspection templates. You should not need to change the Inspections page.




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