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User Groups

User groups are groups of users who have the same roles or permissions in Command or Drive. It is recommended that you create a user group for each workflow you create, and assign the proper users to that group.

Note: You should create your workflows before creating the user groups.

  1. In Entitlements, click User Groups.
  2. Click Add Group. The Add Group window opens.
  3. Enter a Group Name and Group Description.
  4. Click the drop-down arrow in the Drive Config Version filed and choose the Workflow this group will use.
  5. Click drop-down arrow in the Resolve Config Version field and choose the version the group will use.
  6. Click the drop-down arrow in the Select Role field and choose the proper role for the group.
  7. Check DRIVE Default if new users should automatically be added to this user group and associated with this user group's workflow.
  8. Check COMMAND Default if new users should automatically be added to this user group.

Note: New users are automatically added to the user group that has Default checked. For instance, if Drive Default is checked for a user group, new users will be added to that group and have access to that workflow. If the user should have access to another workflow, you will need to change their user group after the user is added. 

  1. Check the Granted box for the applications the user group should be able to access.
  2. Click the [Save] button.



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