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AMG-C Front LED Light Quick Reference Guide

Status LED

As seen here, the Status LED light indicators are located on the right side of the AMG-C.

AMGC front LED quick reference v2.png

This LED indicates the connectivity and health status of the AMG-C to the driver. When the vehicle is in motion, the Status LED is disabled. This is also known as the Driver Notification or DN LED.

OFF:     Vehicle is in motion or device is powered off
Cyan Device is booting. 
Solid Red: Device is not in healthy state and vehicle is not in motion. Indicates at least one of the following is in a bad state
•    VIOP
•    WiFi
•    Bluetooth
•    Cellular Connection
•    GPS
It is normal for the status LED to be red during startup, while the items above are initializing
Solid Blue:  No tablet connected, device is healthy, vehicle not in motion
Blinking Green: In the process of connecting to the tablet, device is healthy, vehicle not in motion This may not always be seen, as tablet connection can happen quickly
Solid Green: Tablet is connected, device is healthy, vehicle not in motion
Slow Pulsing Green: Software update in progress. The LED will cycle between smoothly ramping brightness up to full power and then back down to off
Yellow Sleep mode.  During the mode, the Bluetooth, Wifi, and Cellular capabilities of the devices are off.



The ELD/UVA LED is the top light on the AMG-C. This LED is used to notify the driver when Unassigned Vehicle Activity (UVA) occurs.


Normal operation, no UVA

Blinking Red:

UVA detected. Occurs when vehicle is in motion (speed > 0) and either:

  •  Driver is not logged in to tablet
  • Connection between tablet and AMG-C interrupted

Once this state is set, the LED will continue to blink until the driver is logged into the tablet and the tablet is connected to the AMG-C, at which point it will transition back to Off

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