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AMG-C Front LED Light Quick Reference Guide

Status LED

As seen here, the Status LED light indicators are located on the right side of the AMG-C.

AMGC front LED quick reference v2.png

This LED indicates the connectivity and health status of the AMG-C to the driver. When the vehicle is in motion, the Status LED is disabled. This is also known as the Driver Notification or DN LED.

OFF:     Vehicle is in motion or device is powered off
Solid Red: Device is not in healthy state and vehicle is not in motion. Indicates at least one of the following is in a bad state
•    VIOP
•    WiFi
•    Bluetooth
•    Cellular Connection
•    GPS
It is normal for the status LED to be red during startup, while the items above are initializing
Solid Blue:  No tablet connected, device is healthy, vehicle not in motion
Blinking Green: In the process of connecting to the tablet, device is healthy, vehicle not in motion This may not always be seen, as tablet connection can happen quickly
Solid Green: Tablet is connected, device is healthy, vehicle not in motion
Breathing Green: Software update in progress. The LED will cycle between smoothly ramping brightness up to full power and then back down to off



The ELD/UVA LED is the top light on the AMG-C. This LED is used to notify the driver when Unassigned Vehicle Activity (UVA) occurs.


Normal operation, no UVA

Blinking Red:

UVA detected. Occurs when vehicle is in motion (speed > 0) and either:

  •  Driver is not logged in to tablet
  • Connection between tablet and AMG-C interrupted

Once this state is set, the LED will continue to blink until the driver is logged into the tablet and the tablet is connected to the AMG-C, at which point it will transition back to Off

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