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AMG-C Cab Card for use with XRS

The following is an electronic version of the Omnitracs One AMG-C ELD Driver Cab Card for use with the Omnitracs One AMG-C operating as an ELD device.

Select here to view a PDF version of the Omnitracs One AMG-C ELD Driver Cab Card for use with the Omnitracs One AMG-C operating as an ELD device.

From this page you can view the following sections of the AMG-C Cab Card:



 1           Select the 3-line menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen. View Driver Log - Step 1 - 3 line menu.png
 2           Select the HOS item on the menu to view the HOS Log screen.
View Driver Log - Step 2 - Select HOS menu item.png
 3           Select the Inspection Mode switch on the HOS Log screen to view detailed information about ELD events.
View Driver Log - Step 3 - Select Inspection Mode switch.png
 4           Select the HEADER tab to view a daily summary. Use the HEADER to view driver, carrier, distance, and other information.
If there is any Unidentified Vehicle Activity associated with the vehicle, it can be viewed by selecting the UNIDENTIFIED tab.
View Driver Log - Step 4 - Select Header.png




From the HOS Log screen, select the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select ERODS File Transfer.

eRods Transfer - Step 1 - Select menu item.png

The ERODS File Transfer screen appears.

The roadside inspector will give the driver the correct choice for this field to route the eRODS file to the  inspector.

View Driver Log - Step 2 - Select HOS menu item.png

The driver will select the transfer method provided by the roadside inspector. The roadside inspector may provide the driver a specific set of characters that must be entered into the comment field to assist the inspector with locating the file that was transferred to the

Select Send.

View Driver Log - Step 3 - Select Inspection Mode switch.png

The message
ERODS File is Being Processed by Omnitracs appears, followed by the File sent successfully

eRods Transfer - Step 4b - ERODS file sent message.png

If the transfer fails, the HOS Log screen display is considered a compliant secondary record.



eRods Transfer - Step 4 - eRods transfer being processed message.png



The Omnitracs One AMG-C has two LED indicators on the front of the unit to show Unidentified Vehicle Activity (top indicator) and device status (bottom indicator).

The LED indicators show light patterns to indicate the following:

Unidentified Vehicle Activity (UVA) Indicator:
LED_Blinking Red.png Blinking red UVA detected
LED_no light.png No light No UVA detected
Status Indicator:
LED_Blue light.png Blue No tablet connected and vehicle not in motion
LED_Blinking green.png Blinking green Attempting to connect to tablet/phone app
LED_Green light.png Green Tablet/phone app connection established
LED_Red light.png Red Indicates an error with the AMG-C 
LED_no light.png No light Vehicle in motion or device powered off



If you receive any of the following errors or malfunctions on your ELD you may be required to keep paper logs until the malfunction has been corrected. The Omnitracs One system immediately notifies the motor carrier of the malfunction without driver intervention.

  • Power - An ELD must be powered and function within one minute of the vehicle’s engine receiving power and remain powered for as long as the vehicle’s engine stays powered.
  • Engine Synchronization - An ELD is required to establish a link to the engine ECM and monitor its connectivity to the engine ECM and its ability to retrieve the vehicle parameters.
  • Timing - The ELD must cross-check its compliance with the external UTC source and must record any timing compliance malfunction.
  • Data Recording - An ELD must monitor its storage capacity and integrity and must detect a data recording compliance malfunction if it can no longer record or retain required events.
  • Data Transfer - An ELD must implement in-service monitoring functions to verify that the data transfer mechanism(s) are continuing to function properly.
  • Positioning - An ELD must monitor the availability of position measurements meeting the listed accuracy requirements and track the distance and time from the last valid measured point.
  • Other - Any other ELD-detected malfunction such as Bluetooth, AMG-C, etc.



TAT_Logo_300x300.png 1-888-3737-888 (US) • 1-800-222-TIPS (Canada) • 01800-5533-000 (Mexico)
Text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)

Truckers are the eyes and the ears of our nation’s highways. If you see evidence of human trafficking, call the National Hotline and report your tip. 

For law enforcement to open an investigation on your tip, they need “actionable information.” This would include:

Descriptions of cars (make, model, color, license plate number, etc.) and people (height, weight, hair color, eye color, age, etc.). Take a picture if you can.

  • Specific times and dates (When did you see the event in question take place? What day was it?)
  • Addresses and locations where suspicious activity took place

Questions to Ask:

  • Do you keep your own money? If not, who does?
  • Do your parents/siblings/relatives know where you are? If not, why not?
  • When was the last time you saw your family?
  • Are you physically or sexually abused? Are you or your family threatened?
  • What is the nature of the threats?

Trafficking Red Flags to Look For:

  • Lack of knowledge of their whereabouts; not in control of ID/passport
  • Restricted or controlled communication — not allowed to speak for self
  • CB chatter about “commercial company” or flashing lights signaling “buyer” location
  • Acknowledgement of a pimp and making a quota
  • Signs of branding or tattooing of trafficker’s name (often on the neck)
  • A van or RV that seems out of place out by trucks; a vehicle dropping someone off at a truck and picking them up 15-20 minutes later

If you’re watching a crime in progress, call 911 and then call the hotline. If you’re at a truck stop/travel plaza or any other place of business, notify the manager-on-duty. Please do not approach traffickers. Allow law enforcement to deal with traffickers and recover victims. Approaching traffickers is not only dangerous for you and their victims but could lead to problems in the eventual prosecution of traffickers.


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