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AMG-C 3.0.68 Release Notes


An Omnitracs AMG-C 3.0.68 Software Release is scheduled to be released on November 16, 2020.  This release will address bug fixes that were identified during testing in the field. 

AMG-C 3.0.68


Upgrade Process LED Indicator Change

The Status LED is the lower light on the AMG-C. This LED is used to notify the driver when events occur, such as during the process to upgrade the AMG-C device software.

Indicator Color Description

Slow Pulsing Green:

Software update in progress. The LED will cycle between smoothly ramping brightness up to full power and then back down to off, similar to a breathing action.

If the upgrade is successful, both led indicators will change to white and could stay white for up to 2 minutes. The color will then change to blue or cyan to indicate normal operational status. 

 For More information about the LED indicator lights on the AMG-C, see the AMG-C Front LED Light Quick Reference Guide.


Software Fixes – AMG-C

AMG-C 3.0.68

This release includes software corrections to address issues identified during testing to improve overall product performance and stability. Selected software corrections are described below.  

Work Item Number Issue
AMGC-6971 Watchdog resets excessive and impacting drivers.  This issue has been resolved. 


Known Issues – AMG-C

AMG-C 3.0.68

The following items are known issues that were discovered during testing and a fix is actively being worked on for a subsequent release.

Work Item Number Issue
AMGC-7004 'Network Not Available' pop-up displayed during login of Drive app.  A driver may experience this issue intermittently and they should still be able to log on with cached credentials.  If the driver is a new user, then the driver will need to wait until network connectivity is re-established before proceeding.


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