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AMG-C 3.0.30 Release Notes


An Omnitracs AMG-C 3.0.30 Software Release is scheduled to be released on July 20, 2020.  This release will address bug fixes that were identified during testing in the field as well as some new features that are being enabled. 

This release is primarily to support the addition of Satellite as an optional mode to cellular for the AMG-C release of Omnitracs One

AMG-C 3.0.30

Feature Enhancements – AMG-C

The AMG-C generally serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot for a data tablet/phone running the Omnitracs Drive application. Drive remote communications back to application servers are a Wi-Fi connection from the tablet and then sent to the server over a cellular link using secure internet protocols. When the cellular signal becomes weak, such that data cannot be transmitted, the hotspot is disabled and the tablet will use Bluetooth connection to the AMG-C for critical communications. If a satellite modem is present, the AMG-C will connect to the satellite modem via Wi-Fi and transmit/received a reduced set of transactions.

Satellite communications

When the AMG-C is in satellite communication mode, only a reduced set of messages can be transmitted. 


  • Driver and dispatch messages to and from Drive including panic messages
  • Positions at a reduced frequency is definable but likely 15 minutes to 1 hour. 

Not Included:

  • ELD messages are not available in satellite mode. While in satellite mode, ELD is in “offline” mode. The driver can maintain his compliance, but the host does not have visibility to his status changes. All of this information is exchanged with the host upon return to cellular coverage
  • Other frequent messaging such as fault monitoring, speed information, and frequent positions are all retained in the AMG-C and delivered when the units return to cellular coverage

Link Diagnostic Application Tool

An Omnitracs app called Link is packaged with the AMG-C release to aid in installation and diagnostics of the AMG-C. In this release, there is a function that permits the AMG-C to discover a satellite modem and pair with it for subsequent communications. Pairing is necessary to make sure that an AMG-C on a truck is talking to a satellite modem on that same truck instead of a neighboring truck. 

Once the unit is paired, the Link tool can help perform a signal test and return useful diagnostic information so that the installer can determine that the AMG-C and the satellite modem have been installed properly and are working together.

Software Fixes – AMG-C

AMG-C 3.0.30

This release includes software corrections to address issues identified during testing to improve overall product performance and stability. Selected software corrections are described below.  

Work Item Number Issue
OIACP-5127 Power LED indicating BootFailSleep when unit was in VIOP Sleep. This issue has been resolved.
OIACP-4794 Expansion kit LED sometimes shows pink after power dip. This issue has been resolved.
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