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Paper Log Mode


Paper Log Mode (PLM) is triggered by any ELD Compliance Malfunction that is logged while Omnitracs One Mobile is associated to a vehicle. When PLM is triggered, you immediately go into Paper Log Mode; you are not offered the option of doing so.

When Paper Log Mode starts, you will receive a message saying, “There is an active ELD malfunction. You must keep paper logs until the malfunction clears.”

Paper Log Mode Warning Notification

Select OK. When you return to the Omnitracs One Mobile Dashboard, the values in the HOS Panel all read “NA.”

Note: While in Paper Log Mode, you must be able to produce records of duty status for the current day plus the seven previous days. This may require you to recreate each of the 8 days using paper logs.

When the malfunction that triggered the PLM has cleared, you are taken out of Paper Log Mode. You will receive a message saying, “ELD malfunction has cleared. You may resume use of the ELD as your Record of Duty Status.” Select OK to return to the Omnitracs One Mobile Dashboard.


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