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Logging into and Logging out of Omnitracs One Mobile


After you have associated the Omnitracs One Mobile to the desired vehicle, you will be prompted to confirm if you want to switch your duty status to On-Duty.  If you select No, you will be logged into the Omnitracs One Mobile in an Off-Duty duty status.  Either way, you will be directed to the Omnitracs One Mobile Dashboard.



Login to Omnitracs One Mobile

Perform the following to login to Omnitracs One Mobile.

  1. Select Yes when prompted at the Change Duty Status screen to finish logging in with an On-Duty duty status.  Select No to login with an Off-Duty duty status.

    Change Duty Status screen with Yes/No options buttons
  2. The Omnitracs One Mobile Dashboard appears.

    Omn9itracs One Mobile Dashboard


Logging Out of Omnitracs One Mobile

When you log out of Omnitracs One Mobile , you may leave remarks as well as adjust your log time. Omnitracs One will ask you to acknowledge any errors.



Omnitracs One automatically records inspection and logout information and makes it available through the Omnitracs One Host web user account.


Perform the following to logout of Omnitracs One Mobile.


  1. Select the hamburger menu button in the upper left corner of the Omnitracs One Mobile Dashboard, then select Logout from the fly-out menu.


    Logout Option in Fly-Out Menu
  2. The Logout screen appears, asking you to confirm that you want to log out. Select Yes.

    Logout Confirmation screen
  3. If you are still On Duty, you are prompted to go Off Duty. It is recommended that you always go Off Duty when you log out. If you select No, you will remain On Duty even though you are no longer logged in.


    Change Duty Status screen




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