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Omnitracs AMG-C 3.1.3 Release Notes


Omnitracs AMG-C 3.1.3 Software Release is now available.

Release date: September 13, 2021


Enhancement for Bluetooth Led Indicator 

The AMG-C Ready-to-Pair LED Indicator, shows Blue when Bluetooth ready. The unit will now turn the status LED blue when all services are running and the Bluetooth connection is ready.

Odometer Improvements 

The odometer value should occur once every ten seconds. Improvements has been made to reduce odometer jumps which shows value more frequently than the expected ten seconds.

3G Remediation 

In preparation for the 3G network shut down by AT&T in February 2022, changes have been made to voice dependent applications. Omnitracs/SmartDrive devices with WP7504 and WP7603 modules won’t have network access post AT&T's 3G sunset without a configuration change. Changes have been made to remediate this issue.


Software Corrections 

This release includes corrections to address existing issues and to improve overall product performance and stability. Selected corrections are described below. Please contact Solutions Support if you have questions about the status of a specific mobile issue.

Work Item Number



OT1 - AMGC showing red light on side no other lights active


OT1 - AMG-C not detecting driving or causing tablet to go into drive


AMG-Cs has periods with no vehicle data - not recording Drive Time


Fault Monitoring - Faults going Active and Inactive with the same timestamp


OT1- Tablet is not going into Drive(watch)


Field resets on 3.0.8x


OT1 - Canada driver incorrectly showing US rule set in several places on the host


Idling exception triggering while truck is off


OT1 - Driver put on Drive line when vehicle was started, but no motion detected


Performance Monitoring Missing\Incomplete data - missing mileage


Power state registry content removed results into type 0


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